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6 Of The Best Hospitality WhatsApp Groups

Like life itself, hospitality thrives on the connections we forge. In recent years, a surge of hospitality-focused WhatsApp groups have emerged, serving as vital hubs for support and camaraderie among friends and colleagues. Below, we present a curated list of these groups, along with instructions on how to join:


1. Menus & Marketing

Founded during lockdown by industry luminary Vic Searl, this group has grown to over 540 members. It offers a blend of humour and sought-after advice – plus a wealth of restaurant recommendations!

Email Vic Searl to request membership


2. Well Behaved Women… Never Make History

Created for female-identifying members of the hospitality community seeking solidarity and support, this group provides a safe space for venting frustrations and drawing upon shared experiences. Confidentiality is paramount.

Email Vic Searl to request membership


3. Countertalk Business Owners Chat

With various WhatsApp groups catering to different needs, Countertalk offers a platform for restaurant owners to exchange recommendations, discuss equipment quotes, and tackle industry challenges.

Join here


4. HR Group Chat

This group fosters discussions around the backbone of any organisation: its people. From global HR directors to independent managers, all are welcome to share insights and seek advice.

Email Rory to be added


5. Enabling Sustainability

Curated by blue+yellow, this community supports those striving for sustainability within hospitality. Topics range from consumer research to practical alternatives to single-use plastics.

Join here


6. Slice Slingers Society

Catering specifically to pizza enthusiasts, this community boasts over 200 members from top UK pizzerias. Discussions span topics such as technology, flour, suppliers and marketing strategies.

DM Harry to join +44 7958 124513